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E-tivity Continuum

Professional Implementation Services for your E-tivity Workforce Management solution

E-tivity Solutions continually works with clients to substantially reduce any organizational inefficiencies and to improve the employer/employee relationship with our consultative, personalized service.

We have developed a professional services engagement and implementation methodology known as E-tivity Continuum to ensure consistent service delivery of our E-tivity Workforce Management solution, on time and to budget. E-tivity Continuum has been used to successfully deliver implementation projects of all sizes and complexities and has evolved from implementing our Workforce Management solutions over three decades into 15,000+ sites worldwide. E-tivity Continuum is based on a global corporate framework to ensure consistency in delivery but can be tailored to support the varying needs of clients, industries and regions.

When you invest in an E-tivity solution, you benefit from extensive industry knowledge, leading edge technology, high quality project management skills, service and support to ensure you achieve your business goals and a return on your investment. Our approach provides quality of service and expert knowledge while remaining responsive and flexible to your organizational requirements and constraints.

Our E-tivity Continuum methodology includes:

  • A project management methodology that is based on a consultative approach with knowledge sharing to assist in substantially reducing any organizational inefficiencies.
  • A dedicated project manager for the duration of your implementation combined with a team of seasoned implementation specialists with the capabilities and skills to implement and support your key deliverables.
  • A comprehensive quality approach to the management, governance, planning, monitoring, control and evaluation of the project performance.

E-tivity Contiuum Project Implementation Lifecycle

Our Continuum Project Implementation Lifecycle comprises of six stages that integrate seamlessly to ensure consistent service delivery and operation of your E-tivity workforce management solution.  The six stages are:

  1. Sales Engagement - The E-tivity Corporation Sales team with relevant management will work with the client to identify key business needs and objectives and will propose a high level Workforce Management solution.
  2. Planning - The E-tivity Corporation Professional Services staff assigned to the client implementation will initiate the project with the key stakeholders. The client implementation process will be reviewed along with the client’s IT environment and project roles and responsibilities assigned.
  3. Definition - An in-depth analysis will be undertaken with a workshop with key client stakeholders and the E-tivity Corporation Project Implementation Team and a detailed solution scoping document produced.
  4. Build - The E-tivity Implementation Consultant will configure and create the E-tivity Workforce Management solution and perform testing of the solution to ensure it meets the client’s agreed scope and requirements.
  5. Deploy- The E-tivty Workforce Management solution is deployed into the operational environment with training conducted and user acceptance testing performed before the E-tivity solution goes live.
  6. Transition - The E-tivity Corporation Project Implementation Team and the key client stakeholders review the project, incorporate lessons learnt, close the project and transition the client to the E-tivity Corporation Support Services team.

A number of milestones are also defined throughout the project enabling the E-tivity Solutions Project Manager and key stakeholders to monitor and manage the quality of the project before moving onto the next stage in the lifecycle.

E-tivity’s Continuum philosophy provides quality of service and expert knowledge in every interaction you have with us.  To ensure the seamless implementation of your E-tivity Workforce Management solution we are focused on being responsive and flexible to your individual organizational requirements from the initial sales contact, through the implementation process and finally to the ongoing support of your solution.

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