E-tivity Time Collection

Remove data entry and reduce payroll errors

E-tivity Time Collection puts an end to the cumbersome task of manually collecting and entering employee timesheet information by automatically capturing and interpreting each employee’s working hours in real-time from a variety of devices including:

  • Electronic time clocks
  • Biometric fingerprint recognition
  • POS or computer terminal
  • Web based timesheets
  • Software based 'Time Clock' applet
  • Third party products

These time collection devices provide the information to E-tivity Time & Attendance significantly improving data accuracy and payroll efficiency and proving real-time access of attendance to managers

Flexible System gives you control

Our E-tivity Workforce Management software offers the flexibility of entering employee clocking via a variety of methods to significantly improve data accuracy and payroll efficiency.

We focus on being highly responsive and flexible to your organization’s needs and have developed a professional services methodology known as E-tivity Continuum to ensure consistent service delivery of our E-tivity Workforce Management solution, on time and to budget.

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