E-tivity Job Order and Billing

Accurately calculate the cost of jobs and improve cash flow

E-tivity® Job Order and Billing enables users in relevant industries to manage both the scheduling and billing of staff. This is ideal if your organization outsources services and you need to provision staff and bill clients. It is also useful when tasks for internal departments or clients need to be cross-charged.

E-tivity Job Order and Billing utilizes the powerful E-tivity rule based calculation engine to process the billing of jobs and calculate the amount each client should be charged. Invoices can be generated directly from the E-tivity software with invoice information interfacing to the general ledger or billing information can be interfaced with the finance system for invoicing.

Improve cash flow

E-tivity Job Order and Billing captures all work for a project, including ad-hoc activities, and automatically calculates the correct amount to be invoiced.

E-tivity Job Order and Billing has comprehensive billing options  to cater for different client needs.  This includes providing mark-up, margin and fixed rate types down to the task, grade and even payroll code level, with the option of including or excluding on costs in the calculation.

By using the E-tivity Work Rule Interpreter, clients can be billed using the same work rule conditions as employees or separate billing rules can be used, providing further flexibility in meeting client billing requirements.

Manage labor costs

E-tivity Job Order and Billing provides an estimation of the job costs to the service provider as well as the marked up costs to the client. You can set-up a different billing rate for each client as well as the margin percentage in a competitive quote situation.

Manage staff resources

Provisioning of staff for current and future jobs is also managed by E-tivity Job Order and Billing, providing advanced notice of any shortfall in resources and ensuring employees are scheduled for work based on their skill set.

Combining E-tivity Job Order and Billing with E-tivity Messaging allows your organization to quickly and effectively manage and fill client job order requirements by sending an SMS with the shift details directly to available and skilled employees for bidding or acceptance.

Flexible System gives you control

E-tivity Job Order and Billing is one of the many modules in our E-tivity Enterprise Workforce Management solution. All modules integrate seamlessly to offer the full breadth of functionality needed to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your workforce and allow your solution to scale to accommodate your future business requirements.

We focus on being highly responsive and flexible to your organization’s needs and have developed a professional services methodology known as E-tivity Continuum to ensure consistent service delivery of our E-tivity Workforce Management solution, on time and to budget.

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