Client Services

Dynamic scheduling ensuring optimised staff productivity in service industries

E-tivity Client Services, a module in E-tivity Enterprise, is designed for organisations where employees are required to visit a client, in their home or workplace, to provide a service. It's functionality ensures optimal productivity when scheduling multiple visits which makes it the ideal solution for Aged Care, Residential Care, Community Care, Home Care or any other service business.

E-tivity Client Services integrates seamlessly with existing functionality within E-tivity Enterprise including E-tivity Scheduling.

E-tivity Scheduling automatically assigns staff best suited to shifts, taking into consideration availability, competency and staffing costs and costs each shift in accordance with the applicable payment conditions so the scheduled cost can be assesed against the budget allocation. Employees can be notified of their schedules via SMS, email or through the Employee Self Service portal.

The E-tivity Client Services module incorporates the additional elements into the rostering process:

  • Client Preferences includes the preferred/allowable service times and other employee attributes and/or competencies requested by the client;
  • Employee Preferences includes employees travel preferences;
  • Service History allows preference to be given to employees who have provided services for the client in the past;
  • Geography enables services to be matched to employees based on the location of the service and the location of the employee.  The inclusion of GPS and Geo Code Mapping functionality facilitates the calculation of travel time between services for optimisation of scheduling services, provides more accurate information to decision makers for replacement of services and includes travel time costs in the total schedule cost; and
  • Mobility provides employees with their day to day schedule including the client name, service times, service location and any additional service notes to their smartphone.

E-tivity Client Services also enables mobile Employees to capture their service times on their Smartphone with GPS validating the employee's service time at the required location.  E-tivity Time and Attendance can then automatically collate the collected times for work rule interpretation.  Tight integration with E-tivity Scheduling, means managers are notified of exceptions of actual work times to the schedule.

To streamline service delivery even further, E-tivity Client Services incorporates billing functionality to capture all work for a delivered service, including ad-hoc activities, and using the E-tivity Work Rule Interpreter automatically calculates the correct amount to be invoiced.

Comprehensive billing options cater for different client needs, including providing mark-up, margin and fixed rate types down to the task, grade and even payroll code level, with the option of including or excluding on costs in the calculation.

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