E-tivity Mobile

For decades, E-tivity Workforce Management solutions have helped retail organizations to: manage their labor costs; maximize sales opportunities; lower staff turnover; reduce administration overload; enhance staff communication; and improve workforce visibility.

Now the new E-tivity Mobile module improves your employees’ productivity, anywhere anytime.

E-tivity Mobile is a browser based application designed for smartphone access.  E-tivity Mobile improves your employee’s productivity and ultimately the organization's by providing easy, secure access to key information. Employees are able to:

  • Access their schedules online with an option to accept or reject shifts;
  • Update their work availability ensuring scheduling is based on employee preferences;
  • Create timesheets; allocating times to specific tasks; and submitting the timesheet for approval;
  • View their available leave online, submit leave requests and view the status of those requests;
  • Make basic changes to their personal details; and
  • View messages via the Message Board

E-tivity Mobile also enables employees to clock in / out with site location validation. Using GeoCode Technology an exact location of where the employee has clocked in/out is provided, ensuring accurate data.

Flexible system gives you control

E-tivity Mobile is one of the many modules in our E-tivity Workforce Management solution. All modules integrate seamlessly to offer the full breadth of functionality needed to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your workforce and allow your solution to scale to accommodate your future business requirements.

We focus on being highly responsive and flexible to your organization’s needs and have developed a professional services methodology known as E-tivity Continuum to ensure consistent service delivery of our E-tivity Workforce Management solution, on time and to budget.

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