E-tivity Software Core System

The E-tivity Software includes five essential elements needed to effectively manage your human capital.

The Five Essential Core Elements

Organization Structure

E-tivity Organization Structure is the backbone of the E-tivity Workforce Management Solution, providing the flexibility to design, manage and report on your organizational structure, regardless of whether it is divisional, geographic or site based. You can list and manage all internal and external resources with their job competency, availability, security level and contact details as well as any tasks and job orders.

You can also integrate seamlessly with the many diverse applications that contain an organization’s employee data.

Site and Security Manager

The E-tivity Site and Security Manager provides comprehensive security for both user access levels and data transfer. It controls all user access privileges across the E-tivity Workforce Management solution, determining what data employees may view, edit or delete while ensuring the secure transmission of information.

Reports Manager

E-tivity Reports Manager provides real time reporting on demand. You can use the standard reports and export in a multitude of formats.

Using E-tivity Reports Manager in conjunction with E-tivity Alerts and Audit allows permitted users to monitor trends, control overtime, compare labor budgets to actual costs, and improve budget planning and forecasting.

Data Exchange

E-tivity Data Exchange enables the secure transfer of data between a variety of systems for complete business integration with third party products including ERP, Payroll, Financial and Business Intelligence systems.


E-tivity Housekeeping clears old and/or redundant records from the live database manually or can be scheduled to run automatically.

Flexible set-up allows you more control

The E-tivity Workforce Management solution offers the full breadth of functionality needed to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your workforce. This robust, high performance Workforce Management software easily scales to accommodate your current and future business requirements with an extensive range of optional modules.

We focus on being highly responsive and flexible to your organization’s needs and have developed a professional services methodology known as E-tivity Continuum to ensure consistent service delivery of our E-tivity Workforce Management solution, on time and to budget.


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