E-tivity Alerts and Audits

Proactive Workforce Management

E-tivity Alerts and Audits monitors key activities within E-tivity Enterprise, which can be traced back to a specific user or process, and generates alerts when proactive management action is needed.

Audit trail of E-tivity Enterprise activities

The audit trail provides visibility on who is making changes or updates in E-tivity Enterprise and why a particular event has occurred. You can also review security levels. With E-tivity Alerts and Audits you can view events immediately on your computer or run reports on monitored activities daily, weekly or monthly.

Management visibility of staff activities

With E-tivity Alerts and Audits, managers can track if an employee has not clocked on for a shift, can be reminded that time sheets need to be approved or employees work visas and licences are due to expire. Notifications can be sent to employees automatically to advise if their timesheet or availability request has been rejected and why.

You can set-up alert rules to receive an email if events have occurred within or outside of budget. Alert rules can be designed to trigger at a specified time or at set time intervals throughout the day or week.

Automate staff schedule creation

Combining E-tivity Scheduling with E-tivity Alerts and Audits automates schedule creation without any user interaction, reducing the time spent on scheduling staff.

Automate data transfers

Combining E-tivity Alerts and Audits with E-tivity Data Exchange automates the importing and exporting of data within the E-tivity software automating business integration with third party products.

Flexible system gives you control

E-tivity Alerts and Audits is one of the many modules in our E-tivity Workforce Management solution. All modules integrate seamlessly to offer the full breadth of functionality needed to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your workforce and allow your solution to scale to accommodate your future business requirements.

We focus on being highly responsive and flexible to your organization’s needs and have developed a professional services methodology known as E-tivity Continuum to ensure consistent service delivery of our E-tivity Workforce Management solution, on time and to budget.

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