Supa IGA Mt Evelyn Case Study

E-tivity® Express makes Dollars and Sense for IGA Mount Evelyn

The E-tivity Express Workforce Management solution is saving time and money while improving payroll accuracy for IGA Mount Evelyn, an Independent Grocers of Australia outlet.

IGA Mt Evelyn chose the E-tivity Express hosted solution with the E-tivity biometric clock, which uses fingerprint scans to accurately record the hours worked by each employee. While the use of fingerprints for data capture is consistent with the store’s previous solution, the web-based E-tivity Express system is far more accessible and eliminates the need to fax payroll records through to payroll for processing.

E-tivity Express also handles all compliance issues around different awards, penalty rates and holiday loadings, offers advanced scheduling capabilities and includes powerful reporting features for generating a wide range of reports to improve labor management and budgeting.

E-tivity Express uses the company’s standard schedule as the basis for the payroll and Tony simply confirms or makes adjustments to the actual hours worked and enters whether there’s a public holiday or any other special circumstances like annual leave.

“The software applies all the awards for the different positions such as checkout operator, storeman, supervisor or manager, and automatically calculates the various rates of pay so I don’t need to worry about that side of things.” Once Mr Ingpen has checked the payroll information and confirmed the final budget, the approved data file is sent electronically to our payroll processor.

“The entire process is very efficient, so I can focus on running the store and maintaining a strong presence in the community,” Mr Ingpen said. “I’d rather be out on the floor talking to customers and working with my team than sitting in the back office crunching numbers. E-tivity Express gives me that freedom.”

Mr Ingpen said E-tivity Express is at least four times more productive that the old manual payroll processes the company used to use and offers much greater flexibility and security.

“If I was to employ someone to do the payroll in-house, it would take them around three full days every pay cycle and on top of that they’d have to work hard to stay up to date with all the work rules and pay rates affecting our people,” he said.

“With E-tivity Express, there’s really not much that can go wrong. As a small business, it’s great to have that level of confidence in the reliability, accuracy and security of our payroll system,” Mr Ingpen said.

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