Starwood Hotels Case Study

Starwood Hotels cuts costs and improves business with E-tivity Enterprise Workforce Management software

Four of Starwood hotels have reduced payroll costs, lowered staffing time sheet error rates and improved administration efficiency following the implementation of Workforce Management software from E-tivity® Corporation.

Starwood encompasses recognized brands such as Four Points, Sheraton, Le Meridien and Westin.

Geoff Rossiter, Payroll Manager, Starwood Centralized Services, says the company was looking for a product which could not only instantaneously report on one of the hotel’s largest expenses – payroll – but also improve the processes around scheduling, and time and attendance.

Now, instead of completing paper-based timesheets, employees clock in through E-tivity Corporation’s E-tivity Time Clock. Once a person clocks in, the system automatically matches the person to the existing schedule and ‘approves’ their shift if it matches the schedule or falls within the pre-defined tolerances.

“It’s an amazing audit trail. If an employee doesn’t clock in when they are scheduled to, it comes up on a report and the department adjusts the timesheet accordingly," comments Rossiter.

Rossiter says E-tivity Time and Attendance integrates perfectly with Starwood’s payroll system, making for a more efficient overall system. “Since we implemented E-tivity Enterprise, the centralized services team has taken on an extra two hotels – but we haven’t increased our payroll staff,” Rossiter explains. “That’s another 500 employees across two different states and we’ve managed to keep the payroll team the same size – so we’re definitely seeing savings in terms of man hours.

“The strength of the E-tivity Work Rule Interpreter is beyond anything I’ve seen,” he says. “Previously a written timesheet was received and we were manually calculating the hours, penalty rates, overtime and departmental costing, then keying those interpreted time sheets into the payroll system. Work Rule interpretation is now completed automatically and at any time, we can look at what payroll is costing us.”

“The fact that everyone continued to be accurately paid was one of the most important things for me and gave an excellent first impression of the software,” he says.

The E-tivity Enterprise software is also intuitive and easy to use, Rossiter notes. “Once you have E-tivity Enterprise set up, it’s easy to maintain,” he says.

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